Majestic Music in Show Low, Arizona is not just a music store, but also a trusted destination for high-quality instrument repair services. With a dedicated team of skilled technicians, they take pride in their ability to service and repair a wide variety of musical instruments, specializing in string instruments and electronic repairs.

String Instrument Repairs

When it comes to instrument repair, Majestic Music’s commitment to excellence shines through. They not only service the instruments they sell but also extend their expertise to repair all types of string instruments, including guitars, basses, violins, cellos, and more. From minor adjustments to major overhauls, their technicians possess the knowledge and skill to bring instruments back to their optimal playing condition.

Authorized Service Center for Fender and Peavey

Moreover, Majestic Music is proud to be an authorized service center for renowned brands like Fender and Peavey. This affiliation demonstrates their expertise and reputation in the industry, as they have met the stringent standards set by these respected manufacturers. Whether it’s a Fender guitar needing a setup or a Peavey amplifier requiring repairs, customers can trust that their equipment will receive the highest level of professional care.

Musical Electronic Repairs

In addition to string instruments, Majestic Music’s repair services extend to electronic repairs. From troubleshooting audio issues in amplifiers to fixing malfunctioning effects pedals, their technicians possess a deep understanding of electronic components and circuitry. They are equipped to handle various types of electronic repairs, ensuring that musicians can rely on their gear to perform flawlessly.

At Majestic Music, customers can expect not only expert repairs but also exceptional customer service. The staff is friendly, attentive, and genuinely passionate about music, making sure that customers feel valued and their instruments are given the attention they deserve. Whether it’s a simple adjustment, a complex repair, or seeking advice on instrument maintenance, Majestic Music is the go-to destination for musicians in Show Low, Arizona.